GoMask vs Octomask: Dive Mask For GoPro

GoPro Mask

Gomask vs Octomask

dive mask for goproThis is a Picture that I took of the Gomask. It was premiered in Orlando, Florida at the DEMA Dive trade show. The MSRP on this mask is $79.99 and comparable to any other dive mask for Scuba Diving.

The dive mask for GoPros fits well and best of all when I mounted my GoPro Hero3 Black Edition to it it felt like nothing at all was mount to my head. Also I love the stainless steel of this dive mask for GoPros as it is the only one to incorporate this into their mask.

The last thing I like so much about this mask is that the mount is so sturdy and that it can use OEM bolt and requires that no end bolt be used for this Mask. This is a big bonus for me as I always tend to loose the end bolt and this method of attaching the camera to the dive mask for gopros it very novel.

Octomask line of 2 GoPro Dive Masks with built in GoPro Mounts


This is the Frameless Octomask

I am a not such a big fan of the Octomask line of GoPro Mask for two reasons. The first reason is simply because the owner of the Company Tommy, Was a Jerk to me at the trade show DEMA. He did not even want me to visit his booth after I sold 100’s of these for him.

The second reason I like the Gomask more then the octomask is because it is For all of us travelers the Octomask is heavier then the gomask with packaging (a mesh bag) while the Octomask comes with a tub and weight only .64 lbs Pound.
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